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Week 5 DEF Results

Jacksonville and Miami’s defenses had phenomenal days. I don’t think any models had them in the top 5, but a few had them in the top 15. Seattle, Green Bay, Baltimore, and Kansas City were all up there as well, and my models had them up there. I, of course, played Detroit since they’ve been one of the most consistent fantasy options this year. Their 4 points didn’t lose me the week, but it also didn’t exactly inspire. I really should stop listening to myself.

Let’s see them:

.accuracy graph-1.png

In a complete reversal from last week, Model H killed it and Yahoo dropped to the bottom. As usual, Models F and G were serviceable. Looking at the table, we see that Yahoo still has the best predictions on the year, with Model F slowly catching up. The new model, Model I, wasn’t great, but as usual I’ll stick with it to see how it does throughout the year.

Next week it’s Model F again, but I’ll take a good look at G and see if it has any contradictory ideas.

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