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Week 7 DEF Results

IF you take out CHI (32 points), LAC (29 points), JAC (22 points), LAR (19 points), and DAL (17 points), then it looks like a normal week. Because they were so ridiculously high scoring this week any model NOT having those in the top 5 looks terrible.

Let’s see them:

.accuracy graph-1.png
Model estimate std.error
ModelA 0 NA
ModelC -9.9357142857143 6.44187914837675
ModelF -12.3642857142857 6.44187914837675
ModelG -8.79285714285713 6.44187914837675
ModelH -10.77 7.31089429327432
ModelI -1.67277777777777 8.04647752721989
ModelYahoo -13.5071428571429 6.44187914837675

Model H is apparently my boom/bust model. For consistently good choices it’s still Model F and Yahoo’s pros. I’ll keep using them until I can get one more data point saying I should use Model H.

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