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Week 7 K Results

It was a good week for kickers (and bad for statisticians): the top 12 kickers all got 9 or more points. I was happy enough with Wil Lutz’s 8 points until I saw what everyone else was getting. If you picked up Butker, it’s looking like a better and better move.

If not, let’s see which model would have helped last week and might help next week:

.accuracy graph-1.png
Model estimate std.error
ModelD 0 NA
ModelE 2.14285714285715 3.82682085067086
ModelF -4.42857142857144 3.82682085067086
ModelG 2.85714285714285 3.82682085067086
ModelH 1.71428571428571 3.82682085067086
ModelI 3.42857142857142 3.82682085067086
ModelRandom 1.28571428571427 3.82682085067086
ModelYahoo 2.28571428571428 3.82682085067086

It’s Yahoo this week, but Model F is right behind. In fact, Model F continues to be the top model. It’s not statistically significantly better than random (p = 0.24), but it’s getting there. Ignore it at your own peril!

Week 7 DEF Results

Week 7 QB Results