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Week 1 DEF Results

Tuesdays are a busy day. The rest of last week’s scores come in this morning, as do the odds for next week. There’s a bit of a rush because I’d like to get this done today since waivers clear Wednesday morning, but I have a job and a baby, both of which keep from from fantasy football analysis. I promise I’ll try to get these in by Tuesday evening, but I can’t guarantee it. If anyone is actually reading this, tweet at me (@FFDataStream) to let me know that it’s worth it to push myself to get it done.

Let’s see how each model did last week:

.accuracy graph-1.png

And we’re off! Now that we have one lonely data point we can say with supreme confidence that Model C is the best model in history. Seriously though, all of the models were a bit off this week because no models predicted JAC to be high (32 points accoring to my scoring calculator, which seems to be a point or two off). Most of the models correctly put LAR toward the top, but the rest of the true top 5 (BAL, PHI, DET) weren’t high is many of the models. The top predicted teams (PIT, DEN, BUF) each did well (12, 5, 11, respectively), but this week that put them all in the middle of the pack.

Week 1 QB Results

Week 1 K Predictions