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Week 2 DEF Results

Again, I followed my own advice (with Oakland), and again it gave me a solid if unremarkable fantasy return (10th place with acceptable points). I also recommended BAL, and they did very well, but they were taken in my league. I don’t think anyone recommended TB, though, and they did well. But they’ve been a real boom/bust defense over the last year with TDs. They’ll have big weeks now and again, and I’ll keep trying to control for it.

Let’s see how each model did last week:

.accuracy graph-1.png

Okay, a little more confidence in Yahoo and Model C this week. Those are again the most accurate models this week, with Model F a little behind. Remember though, so far Model A hasn’t even been in this thing.

On to week 3. I’m using Model C this week and you should too.

Week 2 QB Results

Week 2 K Predictions