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Week 2 K Results

As always, predicting kickers is garbage and beneath me, but dammit I want those few extra points hidden in here. This week was much more as expected with Gostkowski, Bryant, and Boswell all toward the top of the list. Tavecchio was up there too. My choice from last week, Blair Walsh, was one of those that didn’t pay off. But this week it wasn’t a kicker keeping me from winning, so it’s tough to be too upset.

Let’s see how each model did last week:

.accuracy graph-1.png

Take THAT Random Guess! All my models (and Yahoo’s experts) beat randomly guessing last week. That’s obviously good news, but sad that it’s an accomplishment.

Model H was good in weeks 1 and 2. I’ll use Model H in week 3 to pick a kicker.

Week 3 K Predictions

Week 3 QB Predictions