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Week 3 DEF Results

Again, I followed my own advice (with Philadelphia), But this week it didn’t really pan out. I also had a big failure with TB. Most of my top choised ended up in the top 10, and there wasn’t a lot of space between the top scorer (WAS, 16 pts) and the 11th (BUF, 10 pts).

Let’s see how each model did last week:

.accuracy graph-1.png

No models did well, and none did better than any others. I think I need to reevaluate how I measure accuracy, since there are a few high picks that ended up way at the bottom this week (BAL, TB, SEA). It’s weird that this level of inaccuracy isn’t punished as much. I’ll start thinking about this.

I’m using Model C again in week 4 since I have no reason to not trust it.

Week 3 QB Results

Week 3 DEF Predictions