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Week 3 K Results

Gostkowski got 4 points, Tavecchio got 4, Boswell (my guy!) got 5. At the top we had Prater, Hauschka, Succop, Fairbairn, and Myers (who?). Because Kickers are nonsense.

Let’s see how each model did last week:

.accuracy graph-1.png

And the random guess wins! It’s actually becoming a more consistent strategy to just pick the random guess. Earlier this week I had a thought to split the kickers in half by total points and then randomly arrange each half, assuming that the top kickers would tend toward the top half and bottom half would tend toward the bottom. That is, of course, a pipe dream. Some of the top guys are at the bottom, and some at the top. Because kickers are random.

I might just pick randomly this week. We’ll see how nihilistic I’m feeling. If I don’t, I’ll stick with Model H and just chalk week 3 up as an off week.

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