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Week 3 QB Results

The list of top guys starts out as expected (Brady, Wilson), then takes a weird turn (Keenum, Bortles, Brissett, Goff). Cousins was up there and most of my models liked him somewhat, but Eli? Hoyer? Kizer? These are all guys in that top 12 that I would have never thought to play.

Theg good news is that your QB probably didn’t lose you the week last week (Flacco streamers excepted); the 25th ranked QB (Wentz) still got you 13 points in standard scoring.

Let’s see how each model did last week:

.accuracy graph-1.png

Yeah, nobody expected that top 12, especially not Yahoo. Models B, C, E, and F all did okay, but none much better than another. I’ll stick with Model F for another week.

Week 3 K Results

Week 3 DEF Results